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Sep 5, 2010 6:00pm EDT
global warming and the increasing opening of the northwest passage, the arctic, canada is debating refurbishing its fleet. the russians have come over and planted flags on the north pole. this is an area of future interest for all three nations. but the coast guard is not getting the resources it needs to recapitalize that icebreaker fleet. what will happen there? will we just be shut out of the arctic and have to depend on the canadiens to get there? >> not at all. because guard cutter healy is above alaska, asserting our sovereignty, mapping out the ocean floor, and working with the canadiens up there. but you bring a great question. that is why i got back two weeks ago from a trip up there. we were conducting something called arctic crossroads, the third year of a project we are doing to exercise of their in the greater open water that we have to test our coastguard assets and our resources to see what the might -- the right mix might be of their -- might be up there. we found a cruise ship that had run aground on an uncharted rock in the canadian waters. canada did have some sh
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1